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Glass beads

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Here you will find a selection of our finest glass beads, which come in all kinds of shapes, colors and types. Here you will find everything from our faceted glass beads to our popular electroplated beads , which are characterized by their irresistible shine.
If you are looking for glass beads for jewellery, it could be a bracelet made with glass beads, then you will find them right here.
Here you will find a selection of our glass beads, but there are different types of glass beads. If you are more curious, you can see more below.
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Glass beads

Three reasons to buy glass beads

Glasperler er utrolig holdbare og man skal derfor ikke være bange for at bruge dem daglig. Derudover er både store og små glasperler rigtig prisvenlig. Sidste grund til at købe glasperler er simpelthen fordi de er så utrolig smukke. Hvis vi skal fremhæve nogle typer glasperler, må det helt klart være vores Austria Krystal bicones og elektroplated glasperler, som bare kan noget helt specielt.

Types of glass beads

There are a great many glass beads today, which are not called glass beads, but have been assigned a different type name. Some of the most well-known forms of glass bead mix include the beginner-friendly beads,seed beadsandmiyuki beadswhich go by the name of small glass beads. These types of glass beads are especially suitable for you who have begun to explore the universe of jewelry making. Due to the size of the miyuki beads and seed beads, you will find that these glass beads areperfect for bracelets,earringsornecklaces. And if you don't know how to get started making jewellery, there are a lot of DIY videos with seed beads and miyuki pearls. Louisa has, among other things, made a video guide on how to get started making a bracelet with miyuki beads right here.

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In addition, there is a sea of ​​other forms of glass beads. Here you may have heard of Matubo pearls or Matsuno pearls, just to name a few. We are especially happy with ourCat Eyewhich is another form of glass bead. They go by the name of large glass beads and they are characterized by having this play of colors, which in the middle of the bead forms the same shape as a cat's eye, hence the name Cat Eye. If you're curious, we'll throw in a link to our Cat Eye collection right here.

Link to Cat Eye

What can glass beads be used for?

One of the most popular uses is to use glass beads for bracelets and necklaces. This could also be making earrings with small glass beads like our miyuki beads. These are probably the most well-known ways to use glass beads, but if you want to challenge yourself and your jewelry making skills, something like bead weaving a really cool project. If you think in a completely different way, a trend like using wire and small glass beads to make pearl flowers is something that is popular right now. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you can use your glass beads for . That's one of the strengths of these beads. They come in a lot of different shapes and types. For the record, I've made a list of different glass bead mixes at the bottom of this page where you can find different types of glass beads, which we sell here.

What can glass beads do?

It will probably sound wrong, what you're about to read below, but if nothing else, in our opinion, that's what makes glass beads so unique and amazing. Here it comes. Glass beads can do things that other beads can't and that's that they look like something they isn't. Yes, it's true. Glass bead manufacturers are so incredibly skilled today that they can imitate everything from crystals to true-to-life pearls. An example is the incredibly beautiful glass bead,Austria Bicones, which just has to be experienced. It has a shine and a faceting that gets make you think it's a crystal you're holding in your hand. If you're looking for some pearls that should look like they come from nature, then our Cat Eye is what you should look for. In addition, glass pearls are just in themselves an incredibly elegant and beautiful pearl, which is also durable and you should therefore not be afraid to go with e.g. his bracelet made with glass beads. These pearls can easily withstand everyday knocks. So if you are looking for small pearls, perhaps large pearls or it could be some imitation pearls that may look like classics such as freshwater pearls, shell pearls or other natural semi-precious stones, then take a look at our glass pearl collection. Here you will find cheap glass beads that have an unimaginable quality and beauty about them.

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