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Guide to Uniq Club

Guide til Uniq Klub

Andreas Bruhn |

Have you seen the little pop-up button in the bottom right corner and thought: "Uniq Klub.. What is that?".

I will explain this in more detail in this post and what benefits you can gain by signing up for our customer club.

We have made a guide on how to start earning your points. Here, through some short instructions, we will show you how to become part of the Uniq Club.

You will also find an overview of our points system, which may ultimately give you access to some discounts and benefits the next time you make a purchase with us.

Brief about Uniq Club:

First of all, Uniq Club was launched as part of making our buying experience a notch better for our customers.

We are of the belief that customers who shop with us deserve to get something back! - and what's better than a prospect of some discount?

Therefore, we now want to create a small guide on how to get started with our points system so that you can earn great discounts and benefits.

Step 1:

Click on Uniq Club.

uniq club

Step 2:

Now press "Create an account"

uniq club1

Step 3:

This pop-up window will now appear. Choose which way you want to create your user. Once this is done, you are now registered as a customer at Uniq Klub.


Now you are up and running and you have been created as a customer. So what happens from here? - Yes, now you have actually earned your first points and are well on your way to your first discount.

Now you will be able to see that the next time you click on "UNIQ KLUB" down in the right corner, your pop-up window will look like this:

Here you can see, among other things, that there are now two sections at the top of the pop-up window. “Rewards” and “Points”.

We are currently under "Rewards" and here is what you can see under "Rewards"

  1. Which discounts you can earn points for.
  2. What discounts you have earned and which are available to you.
  3. Your points

If we press under "Point", your pop-up window will look like this:

Here you will be able to see which actions can give you points and how much points the various things give.

For the sake of clarity, we list the actions that give points.

Point-giving actions:

  1. On purchase - 0.4 points per DKK 1 you shop for.
  2. Create account - 200 points
  3. Sign up for our newsletter - 150 points
  4. Like our Facebook page - 150 points
  5. Share on Facebook - 150 points
  6. Follow us on Instagram - 100 points
  7. Complete your profile - 100 points
  8. Share your wish list - 100 points
  9. Make a review - 50 points
  10. Ask a question - 50 points


Birthday gift from Uniq Perler - 200 points

Which discounts can you earn points for?

You can earn for:

  • 5% discount
  • 10% discount
  • 15% discount

These are the preliminary discounts you can earn, but there will be other cool benefits that you can earn and make use of down the road.

Hmm.. So what do you do with the discounts you have earned and spent your points on?

It's actually quite simple. Here comes an example.

You can see that I have a 10% discount available in my pop-up window.  If I want to use it, I just have to press "Copy" and when I get to the check-out page, you insert your discount code in the field called "Discount code". Once that's done, you'll now get 10% off your next purchase.

This was our quick guide on how to get started with our new customer club "UNIQ KLUB".

Happy shopping!

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