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Amethyst is in many ways an indescribable and completely unique semi-precious stone. In addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities, it is also a stone that offers much more. It is said, among other things, that it has some health properties that can contribute to a better everyday life. In addition, the amethyst can give you the necessary strength so that you can collect your mind and achieve peace and balance.

Amethyst is a variant of quartz and is related to, among others, these three:

Agate |Citrine | Opal

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How can an amethyst stone be used?

In addition to its extraordinary aesthetic appearance, the amethyst also some other spiritual meanings as well as properties.

Amethyst jewelry has since ancient times been perceived as some of the most exclusive and beautiful jewelry you could wear.

It hasn't changed especially since then. Today, amethyst jewelry is still traded in a big way and one of the reasons for that is that the amethyst stone, despite its beautiful exterior, can be obtained for money that is worth paying. You can, for example, find amethyst rings without any problem , necklaces and bracelets around the country's jewelery stores.
But in addition to the fact that a beautiful amethyst stone can be used in a piece of jewellery, they are also incredibly popular in our homes.

Perhaps you have heard of amethyst geodes? These are amethyst clusters that are excavated from amethyst caves around the world. They are absolutely incredible and unlike anything else, which is also why they are so popular in our home.

Another way amethyst stone is also used is to walk with it. Here it is not in the form of jewellery, but in the form of the semi-precious stone itself. Today, there are more people who either carry amethyst in their pocket or in their bag, in order to be able to take advantage of amethyst's good properties all the time.

Amethyst originates from quartz

Amethyst is actually a variant of the gemstone quartz , as are many other types of semi-precious stones. Here, among other things, the popular quartz varieties such as agate, citrine, opal, white quartz and rose quartz can be mentioned.

What can amethyst do for you?

Do you suffer from overwhelming thoughts, worries and general unrest in body and mind, then the amethyst is probably a stone that can help you find your inner calm again. It has an uplifting effect that can help you on your way, on the days when body and mind can feel extra heavy.

Amethyst stone is said to have a positive effect on our immune system and thus makes us more resistant to ills. In addition, by placing a semi-precious stone on the third eye, you can experience a healing effect on migraines and poor sleep. If you are looking for spiritual properties, you will find that the stone improves your intuition and at the same time reduces your influence of outgoing bad energies. On an emotional level, the amethyst stone is known to contribute to a calm mind, balanced emotions and courage. These three qualities mean that, overall, one will experience one's decision-making as easy, balanced and well-considered.

How is the value of amethyst determined?

Amethyst's value has since ancient times been based on its purple color. The deeper the purple color, the more valuable the semi-precious stone. Conversely, the paler the shade of purple, the less valuable the stone.

Today, a grade system has been created to help make it more transparent for people to know whether they have a high-quality amethyst stone, or whether it is a less valuable stone.

The system is made up of four overall grades, which are the following:Siberian, Uruguayan, Bahain and Rose of France.

The myth of the purple gem

There is an ancient Greek myth about the genesis of the purple semi-precious stone Amethyst. Dionysus was the god of ecstasy and wine in Greek mythology and one day, just like many other days, he had a little too much wine. For reasons unknown, the young woman Amethyst felt his divine wrath . When Amethyst in despair asked the goddess Diana for help, something happened that made Dionysus realize his terrible actions.

Amethyst was transformed into a beautiful white shining quartz, which immediately made Dionysus regret his deeds. He shed some tears, which fell into his goblet of red wine. Frustrated with himself, he spilled his red wine in addition to the beautiful quartz stone which was subsequently transformed into what is known today as amethyst.

Take care of your amethyst stones

Amethyst's beautiful color can deteriorate over time and lose its beautiful purple color. If you want to take care of the color of your amethyst stones, make sure you do not expose the stone to things like cleaning products, hairspray and sunlight.

If you want to clean your gemstones, the best and gentlest way to do it is to grab a toothbrush and take a mild soap and mix it with warm water. Then gently scrub your gemstones until you achieve the desired result.

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