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Is aquamarine a valuable semi-precious stone?

When an aquamarine is to be graded, what happens that on the basis of the four Cs. The four Cs are the English term for color, clarity, cut, carat.
Translated into Danish, aquamarine's value is judged based on color, clarity, cut and carat.

Aquamarine color:
The colors of aquamarine stones can vary from a light blue or green, to a deep dark blue color. A darker aquamarine in a deep dark blue color with green tones, tends to have fewer flaws and is therefore often considered more valuable.

Aquamarine Crystals:
Like many other gemstones, aquamarine stones can vary in size. Some stones come in small sizes, while aquamarine stones weighing more than 20+ kg have been found before . If an aquamarine is to have the deep intense color of blue and green, then ideally the stone should have a carat of 5 or more.

Aquamarine Clarity:
Aquamarine in its faceted form is often it is called eye clean. That is that when you look at the stone, you won't be able to see any mistakes. This is why this semi-precious stone is also popular in jewellery. There are many types of aquamarine jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Should the gem have obvious flaws, they are not wasted. They are instead used to make pearls and other aquamarine carvings.

Aquamarine cut:
Aquamarine gemstones are cut into various shapes. You will, among other things, could find them as oval or emerald shapes.
These blue-green gems are known for their solidarity and transparency. Therefore, it is also a popular jewelry stone with jewelry designers

What is the price of the aquamarine stone ?
The boring answer is that it varies depending on whether the semi-precious stone is real or not. However, it is relatively normal for a piece of jewelery made with natural aquamarine from a jewelery designer to be sold for more than DKK 10,000.

Does aquamarine have special properties or meanings?

Aquamarine possesses several useful properties and meanings. The semi-precious stone is known as a
really good companion for you who want to improve the ability to react quickly. In addition, aquamarine makes the stone invincible through the learning that you are in the process of acquiring. This applies to both the physical learning, the emotional and the psychic learning that deals with yourself.
Aquamarine stone is also known as a stone that gives you discipline, endurance and a more light-hearted approach to your everyday life.
Aquamarines are of a natural justice and at the same time make you brave. You will experience that when you are the bearer of the stone, that you are well-considered in your words when you come across a confrontational situation.

When talking about the meaning of aquamarine, it is known as a crytal number of love, which encourages a person to , which you love, will come back into your life.It is also a very good support for the couples who are different in nature. Here you will experience in the home that the semi-precious stone will help two different lifestyles to live together in harmony. It reduces the effects that can arise from sensitive problems, thus helping to prevent possible conflicts.
Aquamarine is often used in eternity rings, where its meanings reinforce commitment and fidelity as long as the waters of the earth flow.
This statement comes from the fact that the semi-precious stone has a deep connection to the sea and hence the saying. The saying originates from ancient to.

How is aquamarine used today?

Thanks to the aquamarine stone's incredible color shades of blue, today it is a fantastically popular semi-precious stone in jewelry. It is not unusual to find aquamarine rings, aquamarine bracelets, or a whole third piece of jewelry such as a bracelet made with aquamarine.

It is also no surprise that we here at the shop from time to time buys home new aquamarine pendants, primarily because they are some of the more popular semi-precious stone pendants, primarily because aquamarine is a gemstone that is so unique and elegant in its expression that it will be able to impart something that not many other pendants can.
In addition, there are countless types of aquamarine pendants, which you will also be able to find here on the webshop.

The stone with connection to sky and sea

In ancient times aquamarine stones were often associated with the sea, where sailors often took aquamarine with them when they went on long voyages. It is said that where the semi-precious stone was, the sea would find its calm and the water would become crystal clear. In addition, aquamarine was a form of talisman for sailors, because it was believed that the semi-precious stone brought good luck to the wearer and in addition, aquamarine is considered the stone to provide protection to travelers on the water, which is also said to have given sailors a form of fearlessness when they went on long voyages But of course it wasn't just sailors who wore aquamarine.

Aquamarine stones also have other properties and the stone is considered to be a gemstone that embodies eternal youth and joy.This was something that most people aspired to and therefore it was not unusual for ordinary men and women to wear aquamarine jewelry. However, it must be said that it is not only due to the properties of the semi-precious stone, it was also due to the incredible appearance of the aquamarine. The sky blue, sometimes blue-green semi-precious stone was a favorite in jewellery. Often aquamarine jewelry was in demand. It could be aquamarine rings, necklaces and bracelets that people asked for. Because what could be better than getting all the good qualities, like eternal joy and happiness from aquamarine, in the form of a divinely beautiful piece of jewelry. If we jump forward in time to where we are now, there is no doubt that aquamarine is in truth one of the more special semi-precious stones we have today in the world. In fact, it is a rather rare stone and therefore you do not find as large a selection as you do with other types of semi-precious stones that belong to the Beryl family.

The stone is considered to be a protective stone that protects those who travel over, on or near of water, a good journey. In addition, it is said that aquamarine helps you to open your communication channels, so that you feel comfortable in a deep and honest conversation with friends and family.

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